I’ve tried……….but

I’ve tried my best. The rest is up to you, but then I wonder if I can even rely on you anymore. I just think you like being around female nurses more than being around me. You have a very immature porn-type obsession with women in general. Very off-putting. It’s true though. If you want some playboy bunny girlfriend then be my guest. If you haven’t found one ALREADY, as I’m sure you’re REAL dream is to be around these kinds. I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ve got everything I NEED in life, but only through my own hard work. You believe that money is everything. I’ve never stopped you living the life you truly want, but I still am within my own right to find a decent man. Seeing as I’m not married to you, so there’s no official contract that ties us together. I just want to feel genuinely loved by someone caring, who isn’t vain. Did you ever think that it was that fun for me? I know Ann used to come out with quite flirty banter, but I don’t think she quite meant it how you wished it meant. Ugh. Good luck. Gentleman don’t use such derogatory sayings. You’re clearly not a gentleman, but I think you already know this. You didn’t even stick around to help your ex bring up yours and her kid. That is enough to put most women off. It shows a lack of respect and lack of common sense. You never learn. I doubt you will ever learn. What are women to you? Probably just sexual objects. Especially given the kinds of ropey, dodgy male friends you have. I wouldn’t invite them into my home. They are prison fodder. Anyway, good luck.

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