You make that dance look so new

I’m laying in bed listening to music you hate. I won’t torture you with a video. I know Chino sounds like nails across a chalkboard to you.

I miss you. I know that much is true.

Have you seen Good Omens? The back and forth between the two main characters reminds me a bit of us. It’s an absolute treat.

4 thoughts on “You make that dance look so new”

  1. I started the new season today, the light hearted nature has been a nice palette cleanser from my other engrossments. It’s been a soothing balm to the overwhelming weight of everything else.

    1. Well if you need to talk about it (or not talk about it), I’m here for you. I can be a fun distraction, just sayin’.

      Only read the rest of this if you have finished Good Omens season two.

      They are already writing season three, but the streaming service hasn’t picked it up yet. So the story doesn’t end there. 🙂

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