About L.I.N.S.

Letters I’ll Never Send is a Forum for all of us needing to get a few things off our chest.

Writing honestly, without fear of judgement, is one of the best forms of emotional and spiritual release.  By writing out what has been upsetting you and “setting it free”, so to speak,  you get one step closer to closing that chapter of your life and moving on.  We truly believe that you need to “feel it to heal it”.

Letters I’ll Never Send is intended to be your voice to the spouse that cheated on you or the lover that left; the boss who won’t listen or the parent that died.  This is for your lover, friend, neighbor, stranger who, for whatever reason (be it fear, propriety, compassion or distance) will never hear your heart.

On these pages you might find passion, anger, frustration, humor, grief or heartfelt love.  We take great pride in treating your feelings with respect, however, if your posting is of a humorous vein, please allow us the opportunity to join in the fun.

As the administrator we will do our best to print your letters as you’d intended, 4 letter words and all.  It’s all OK.   This is our safety place for your anonymous feelings to be spoken.

Inappropriate comments regarding race, sexual preference or beliefs will not be tolerated and may keep all or part of your letter from being published.

If you submitted a letter, thank you.  If you submitted a letter and it did not make it to print, we still thank you.

The Staff at Letters I’ll Never Send