My first relationship just ended.
I’m in highschool, so it’s not like I expected we’d last forever, but at least more than a month..One month, that’s how long we were together for. One month of dates, meeting his family, always hanging out at school. One month of “I’m sure we’ll last long, we won’t be one of those quick, ‘meaningless’ relationships”. We never even got to say “I love you”.
It didn’t end on bad terms, but I just don’t understand it. They said they weren’t ready, yet they were the one who initiated it. They said they were going through a hard time, and that it would’ve been better if we had gotten together another time; yet they’re the one who pushed the relationship to start this early.
I’m not trying to blame everything on them, at least I don’t want to, but I’m hurt, and I just don’t know what to do woth myself. I’m so confused.

One thought on “Confused”

  1. Having a standard for yourself is important. If they end the relationship then they aren’t for you and aren’t able to commit. You’re definitely better off without them. Learn this early, it’ll help you in the long run.

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