say thank you

i stopped talkin ’bout that ass & started talkin about u & u didnt like that either.

I started tellin u all about urself. U know the same way u did when u were sooooo fucking “taking care of me”.. ya, when i was sick & u fed me soup with a BIG fucking side of fucked up misogynist bullshit?
“Men r smarter”? huh? U want 2 tell urself im just being “mean”..
no, im just dishing back the shit u dished out to me.. u thought telling me all about how i’m over 26 & ive hit ‘the wall’ bitch, if i had been feeling 60% i would’ve hit u. I’m not being mean, im being exactly how u were being to me when u were so fucking “helpful” to me when i was literally on my deathbed u fuck!!
how u ever thought i was going to ever call u up & ask u to have sex with me as a favor?!?!?!!(i asked for help with the AC).. just goes to show how stupid u are..

i mean, come on, u literally used that whole week i was sick to try to brainwash me, to attempt to break me down, to tell me that how there were 4 other women out there just waiting for u(“there are 5 women to every man”)..
oh & u told me that ur dick & my vag are the same?
No, no they are not.
u never got as much attention from ANY women than when u were seen with me.
I raised ur worth, bitch, u didnt raise mine.
I raised ur estimated value, but to b fair, i’d been beggin ppl to spread rumors that i was gay too, so its not like I wanted to be seen as a target for all the cocks flying my way.

B4 u tell urself I dont mean this shit im saying.. remember this… I never said i was sorry when ive said similar shit to u b4, because i wasn’t sorry.
I didnt apologize for telling u shit like this before. never.
because i meant it.. i dont lie. and ive never taken back the shit u think of as “mean” because i meant it. I may have said.. “ya, that was mean”. but i never said it wasn’t true.
i never “took it back”, not once, because unlike u, at least I’ll own my shit. I wont claim to love u & then tell u shit to run u down.. my breath stinks?
bitch, have u looked in a mirror?
my bathroom scale has PTSD from how much YOU weigh.
I thought plenty of shit about u the ENTIRE time ive known u, the only difference is,.. i actually cared enough about ur fucking feelings not to tell u about the shit. so no, im not saying nothing now that i dont mean or would ever take back..
know i mean this shit. I may not have let ur weight or face bother me because i obviously had my eyes closed as well as my mouth!!
but I do have eyes & I appreciate art & a good looking body & a good looking face, u have neither!
SO lose the weight. do that.
but ur always going to have that face & that victim mentality.
oh my god i may have been through some shit but YOU have the mentality of a victim. Ive seen some shit, I only ever said i wouldnt see those ppl again without going to prison..but somehow what u HEARD was… “Oh, poor me”. no, bitch.
NO. those who have hurt me better never let me catch them anywhere.
I’m not helpless now. Im a fucking warrior. The difference between us..
the difference between you & I. I dont feel ashamed of what others did, i dont feel the need to hide my scars, i didnt do that shit to myself. u cut urself, u said u did. that ur a cutter, thats a symptom of shame. U carry someone else’s actions as ur shame. u r a victim & with that mentality, u’ll always b cryin & lookin 4 something, someone to make u feel better, drugs, sex. u can’t find happiness within ur own head without external stimulus. thats fuckin sad.

I found my happiest time of my life in those 4 months that i spoke with neither YOU, nor toby. I found myself crying tears of fucking joy over just waking up alone & the sheer gratitude for my life without either one of u around to start shit with me.
u didnt want to talk about him. so let me just go back to focusing on u….

u tried to shovel bullshit & lies down my throat along with that chicken soup u fixed me.. oh wow.. ya ur a fucking hero for using a god damn microwave to heat up soup!!! let me do for u what YOU THINK im supposed to be grateful to u for…
let me fix u some soup.. for ur soul..
let me give u a great big serving of the fucking gospel truth…
Everything ive said about u was true. as someone who claims to be bisexual, u should already know ur dick is small, come on, bruh, uve seen average sized dicks, im sure.. urs isnt up to the standard & thats the truth. oh & men dont eat pussy, yes, yes they do, literally every single one of the men I have fucked has gotten a face full & fat men eat it best. especially fat men with little dicks, they have a lot to make up they will break a sweat eating a pussy if they ever want a callback for a repeat. facts. that “she’s busy right now” pic i talked about? That was something i totally thought of to send to u, T encouraged me to be evil, but me asking him if he would be the guy in the pic.. me telling him that idea kinda scared even him.. but he was down for it lol
I told him since he’s 9 inches.. oh ya, i can measure the length of a dick WITHOUT a measuring tape… I will forever be able to know exactly how long 12 inches is without a ruler or a tape measure. thank u, james where ever u are 🙂

if u ever hmu again, i will b sure to hit T up to take that pic just so i can send it 2 u. I dont care that he doesnt love me, or that i dont love him, thats not the point. the point is, he could take that pic with half his dick inside me while still enough of it was still visible to show u how u didnt measure up in that department. he was literally 3x the man u were in that department, cock wise. most men have to really lie about how much they got, but he doesnt have a problem sending dick pics with a fucking measuring tape to prove it.. he does really really well on social media with the women.. not ladies, but with the women. Ive always known. oh & the in the pic, he’ll be raw dogging it. so think twice before u ever try speaking to me again.

think 3 or 4 times before u tell urself I didnt mean what i said. i meant it..
so say thank you..
tell me thank u for returning the “favor” u did for me when i was deathly ill.
u expected me to thank u for LYING, now i want u to thank me for tellin u the truth.
u wanted me to thank u for telling me u had options?
“let’s not pretend we both dont have options” isnt that what u said..
so say thank u… Ya, i have options, like T & J… Im 100% sure ur not really ready to thank me for the options u’ll have ur choice from. ive already seen what u thought was hot… if not for T’s higher standards in beauty i’d be left feeling bad about myself.. he really does fuck with some beautiful women, i can’t even say they’re not, if anything i feel like the ugly bitch in what he thinks of as his stable of women. U… i know u dont have those kinds of women to choose from, so u should totally get to doing what u do. ur not chill, ur not mature enough to just fucking let ppl live their own lives with their own choices, as if u have any right to judge anyone. look at urself. u talk like a street rat, its not sexy, u sound stupid & u think u sound cool. its just fucking pathetic.

how desperate was i to ever choose u?? ive literally charmed a college professor, an architect, a high school teacher, a database manager, several business owners, men of value, worth, men with vocabularies that dont include words found in the ‘urban dictionary’.. u were a mistake. my mistake. I wont miss u at all, but i’ll remember a lonely heart makes for a terrible guide. u were essentially what happens when someone goes the grocery store hungry.. and thats never a good idea. u end up picking up shit u didnt want.

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