Wedding on Halloween

10:00 a.m. Tuesday morning I’m driving up to Jenns house from my stay at Great Wolf Lodge to help with last minute readiments for the wedding. I bring breakfast for anyone that needs a bite in all the chaos. It’s fun watching the stylists braid her massive amounts of hair into something akin to Lagertha from Vikings.

When it gets close enough to the event time I make the trek back down to Colorado Springs to pick up the other part of my trio. At some point I make a wrong turn and find myself behind a quirky license plate ,Wzzrds. My kid had chosen to dress like a fox for the wedding, and my husband dusted off his green wedding tunic for the occasion.

The venue the bride has chosen at The Oaks in Colorado Springs is gorgeous, and presents us with an elegantly decorated parlor for us to prepare. I have a scare when one of the other bridesmaids husband’s comes in looking for his wife and while I’m sneaking around the dressing room in my shapewear searching for some forgotten piece.

My kid plays Minecraft quietly while we get ready and it’s not until the ceremony is about to begin that I realize she’s gone missing. Initially I assume she’s found her father, who had been sucked into to a game of Munchkin with David and his groomsmen, so I take my position as Maid of Honor next to the grooms brother Devin before our entrance into the ceremony area.

The curtain is pulled back as Devin and I are announced, Jens family and friends are seated in a semicircle on a raised platform around the wedding arch. The officiant, dressed on her very best viking attire waits for us at the center, and then I see my husband sitting on the right side of the circle but our daughter is not with him and internally I’m panicking but I have to keep my best poker face on.

I signal him before the brides descent and he understands me bur he can’t do anything at this point without drawing attention either.

The brides mother walks her down the aisle. Jens looking stunning in her black lace Maggie Sotterro ballgown.
The ceremony is beautiful and punctuated by the occasional witty joke by the officiant.
I’m screaming at my husband with my eyes, but he’s as unwilling to interrupt the ceremony as I am. However, relief floods me when my little fox eventually appears in the entry hallway, lurking just on the outskirts and Im able yo smile genuinely now at the absurdity of it all. I’m able to eventually signal her father to collect her during the mead mead toast after we give the new husband and wife a good howl at their first kiss.

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