Gaslighting.Sack.of. Crap

About the game? u sent that “female” (cringe) pictures of u in ur boxers(double cringe).. how’s that about a video game? fucking gaslighting sack of crap. You have ALWAYS hated women, toby. You have always been a classic case of what happens when a man hates his mother. Don’t come back in a yr when u need something. I wasn’t looking to reconcile with u, stupid. I was finally saying what i needed to say. Only a misogynist prick would use women and only display loyalty to their fellow men. Think what u want. I guess even with the final warning that you have truly burned through the last bit of concern I ever had for your well being, I will still be the villain in the delusional fantasy of ur so called life. And im totally ok with that now. I said my peace. i literally dont care if u read this or not. I just needed to put it out into the universe that I made the attempt to let u know that i will be laughing in ur face when u find urself in need of a friend and u think u ever did anything for me to warrant my friendship. YOU gave me NOTHING. what a $100 tablet that u literally had me drive to the police station to give back to you?? oh wow.. because someone paying the rent that kept a roof over ur worthless head for MONTHS.. a month here.. a month there.. you have NEVER put a roof over my head when u werent in need of my car and had it in exchange for said roof, in other words.. ive always paid my way.. u have literally NEVER done anything to pay ONE bill in my ENTIRE life and dont say my dentist because THAT was me being smart and getting back the thousand dollars u had already spent out of MY WALLET BACK.. that was me getting MY MONEY BACK, not u paying for shit!!.. so go fuck urself and ur dreams of you were ever a good man to me or any woman. you never were.. thats why no woman took ur bullshit seriously. Thats why anea thought ur relationship was a joke. thats why she was accepting dates from any guy who asked her out on facebook. I told u once that u and anea deserved each other.. i meant that.. i meant that bc i knew she accepted a date with J that she was clowning u the way u thought u were getting one over on other women by talking to multiple women while u were telling them all that u loved them. and telling all of them u were committed to them.. ur a liar. and u lie best when you believe ur own fucking bullshit. uve convinced urself of it.. but i saw u. Dont come back in a year when u need someone. just dont fucking bother. I wont be available to waste any more time with ur shit.
just delete this without reading it. i just fucking can’t stand the lies..
YOU LIE TO URSELF about urself.. its just gross how u lie so hard about things that are literally RIGHT THERE.. in black and white or in this case .. ON A SCREEN.. those WERE NOT PICTURES of a game.. i saw there were deleted pics too.. were those pics of ur dick? i dont know, u deleted those.. but u were NOT Talking to her about some game.. dont try to gaslight someone who’s got a memory like i do.. im not crazy im just fed the fuck up. and YOU WILL NEVER convince me that i didnt see what i saw.. but thats literally the ONLY card u have.. is the denial card.. even with the truth right in front of u.. u still deny. wow. karmic-ally, gaslighting someone who thinks enough of mental health, that they see a consoler sometimes for just a “checkup” has to be about as close to shooting ur own dick off.. but u’ll find out i guess. Best of luck. hope it finds you and when it does you can’t find me 🙂

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