Daddy pushed his kunkels into my meat patties and tried to blame me

I was working in the kitchen when daddy came in. I was spicing the meats and forming the patties. We were going to have a hamburger lunch. Me and my mom and my daddy all together eating burgers. That was the plan. Well daddy came over and he looked at me right in the eyes and without saying a word he leaned over and pushed his dirty kunkels into the meat patties and crushed them. Then he called my mom over and pointed at the ruined patties and said “oh look, honey, our boy is a genius” in a real sarcastic voice. I tried to explain that those were my daddy’s kunkel prints in the meat patties but no one believed me even though his kunkels are much bigger than mine.


F*boys have to lie to get laid, thats what u do.
I learned a new word today.. incel.. it’s actually what u are…
Literally, if i made a list of the 14 men Ive ever had sex with, you would come in dead last..
dead last, micro penis. It’s sad. I’m not even mad that u climbed on top of me, as I hardly felt anything at all. Honestly, I was thankful u were quick about it, I wasnt sure I how much longer I could keep myself from cracking the hell up. The thought of laughing at that moment made me think of “him” though. I suddenly didnt feel like laughing anymore..
He made me laugh so hard most days my sides ached and every time he smiled at me…
He inspired me to paint again.. I loved seeing him lying next to me, I’d turn his head so I could see his profile in the darkened room. He was so damn irresistible. I was so happy, happier than I ever remember being before. He was so complicated and different. …..
He was the best, most genuine person I’d ever met
you were the worst.
Don’t worry that you’ll ever hear from me again.. he absolutely cured me of whatever mindgames u ever played with me. I just needed one more night with u to see it, like I said, I would have bust out laughing at ur “seduction” and rutting, ur an idiot.
He may not have been the man I thought I’d find, but he was the one to show me the world of difference in love. I will never forget him.
You however…. I hope to never see u again, actually I’m feeling as if I did it wouldnt matter in the least… I found everything sweet and tender in myself within the short time I had with him.
All the parts of myself I’d lost touch with after so many years.. literal years of hiding those parts away because of the bullshit abuse, gaslighting, slander, etc… you and that lanky santa clause looking MF-er…
Karma caught up with you though.. in case you hadn’t noticed…
I really had to work hard at keeping from literally rolling when you let me know how terrible ur situation was.. oh no, you’ll have to get your own place and support yourself on ur own paycheck? hmmm, that people are on ur ass making u miserable where ur living and giving u tons of shit? and ur paying rent for the privilage of getting treated like garbage?
hmm… sounds so familiar.. oh wait, i know why.. because thats exactly what you did to me when I came into town and needed a place to crash while I waited for a paycheck!!!
Damn! how deadass on the money did Karma have to get with THAT and u still missed it?!!?
Again, sad. Karma kicks ur ass.. oh wait.. theres still that little matter of someone throwing u into a wall the way u did to me.. so I guess we’ll wait and see how she repays u for that one…
I don’t feel the need to infere in ur miserable life, u are doing a fabulous job of fucking urself without my assistance

Remember the good times we had together.

Dear P,

My breathing is getting worse now. It’s way more uncomfortable than anyone can imagine. I’m just trying my best to “get through it”. If you can even call it that. I don’t want to have to leave you behind on this earth, as you have years left on this planet. Always remember me. Especially remember the first few days we first met, and when you proposed to me. These kinds of memories trump many other less-important memories for sure 🙂 Priceless moments.