Mom started reliving the event where she was stuck at JFK in conversation.
Almost out of nowhere just strange because that same morning I thought about you deeply.
Lots has changed since back when.
Listening to her stirred my own set of memories. The only time obvious you stepped out of your comfort zone. Yet it didn’t seem a bother to you at all, it felt as if this was a natural reaction. No big deal to you just showing you care. Or so you made it seem.
Putting all other circumstances around it at the time aside and other situations you failed over the years thereafter.
Your heart is beautiful if you let it and this man I had the fortune to get to know, in so many beautiful moments,
is the one I will always love!
Maybe one day, Lady Fortuna will send me one just like that to be by my side to ring out the rest of this crazy life.
If not, I’m fortunate enough to have a heart full of beautiful memories of how things could be without having to settle for less. I haven’t, I won’t.

Ms. New Booty

I had a dream about you last night. You’d gone missing and your mother was rallying a search effort. You were actually Britney Spears, but it was definitely you and definitely your mom. Specifically, there was a bunch of bad men in and around your house who your mom thought had kidnapped you. As soon as I heard the news I went to your place and took care of the bad men. But you weren’t there. A little while later you came back, you’d been off to have butt implants. Idk why you thought you needed them, I like your booty quite a bit, but that’s where you were the whole time. That was it. I’m not a psychiatrist so I don’t read into these things too much, and I have a lot of crazy dreams. But it’s gotta mean something you keep popping up in my subconscious when we haven’t seen each other in years.