Broken wings

I’ll never walk alone again; the winds of time and change are too strong.
Ah, it’s that what you hurt, which you’ll have to live with.

Only the sad flowing emotions, bury these intense and trying times.
Ah, this tight embrace and this burning, unchanged heart.
In this ever changing time, love will never change.

It was a pleasure (joy and pain)

More than love it’s a way of living,
It’s all part of my way of giving and I give it all to you.

I’m the scruffy, beat up working class wannabe troubadour.
Who fell in love with you, Oh but how you broke my heart.
There are times to remember and times that I wish to forget,
Our time together was tinged with love and regret.
What’s the use of intellect and common sense,
It means nothing at all if all you can do is sit on the fence.

If it wasn’t for you I’d never have known real happiness,
If it wasn’t for you I’d never have known real sadness.
Now you ask me if I’m sincere and although I’m not a guy that means to hurt,
See the confusion in my cloudy eyes.
Because I’ve know the pain of too much happiness,
And the misfortune of too much sadness.

I know that the distance makes you forget, loves so dear.
That what today seems so real tomorrow will be forgotten,
So here I stand exiled here from the world,
My sentence comes too heavy.
And I find myself asking why I should be made to pay,
For being born on the dark side of the moon.

Fasting Day 1

Woohoo!!! I made it through Day 1 of intermittent fasting and no binging!

I did eat some brownie batter, but stayed under my calorie goal and ate within my window.

My stomach feels really gassy and bloated, so I think that for the next three days I am going to restrict foods to protein drinks and load up on probiotics. Somethings is off with my digestion- most likely due to my binging. I have a sensitive stomach and am allergic to many foods, yet I like to ignore this fact.

It has not served me well.

I am also going to exercise tomorrow for 1 hr. Perhaps walk with Mason and an afternoon run? He should like that, and I will too!

So glad I have this place to dump my thoughts.


For the next 30 days, I pledge to follow my daily eating plan as written out the day before. I will also do something nice, warm and loving for myself every single day that is thoroughly enjoyable and pleasurable.

I will post my progress every single day here.