Te amo, mi amor

You’re right, of course. You deserve every bit of me. I’m sorry I haven’t always given you that.

The truth is, when I think about you, it makes me so happy. Look, I have high standards. I’ve passed on a lot, and I know people judge, but, hey, I feel like I know what I’m doing. You….you are fucking gorgeous. Everything about you, there’s nothing more I could ever want in that department. Even still, that wouldn’t be enough for me. It’s your intellect, your class, your values, that really put you over the top. I don’t want this sound like ‘you’re good enough for me’; what I mean is you are the woman I want to be with.

Forever. I want to subject myself to crazy nervousness while I plan out and execute the best proposal I can think of. I want to fuck you like a million times during our honeymoon. I want to hold your hand and tell you to breathe while you birth our babies. I want to do research and visits when we buy our first house. I want to say “HEY, respect your mother”, the first and every time our kids step out of line with you. I wanna retire with you and take you all the places you’ve never been. I wanna spoil our grandkids together, utilizing all the lessons we learned a little too late as parents. 150 years from now when you need a bionic hip, I want to completely take care of you, bring you soup, fluff your pillows, even any of the nasty business. It helps that I’ve already had all my bone, joint, and organ replacements by then :). You should smile too my baby, we’re going to live together forever!

I love you. Yes, I loved someone before you. And there was probably some time sharing involved between you two for some time. But that love has run it’s course. And even without you in the picture I know the healthy thing to do is to move past it. Even without being with you, I know 💯 you can make me happier, and make me a better man.

So, baby, this I what I got to say. And I know it’s a lot. That’s just kinda how I am. My mind is clear, my motivation at a level it hasn’t been at a decade. Yeah….there might be something you need to do too. But for my end, I promise you I will work my ass off and love you like no one else can.

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