First Concert

Last night my five year old got to enjoy her first concert at Red Rocks, they was a family favorite from overseas called Heilung.

We’d been sitting on our tickets for just about 2 years now after the first scheduled date was rescheduled due to covid. After all that waiting though we finally got to have the moment fulfilled at the perfect venue for a band of this nature, and a bigger relief that the child enjoyed the experience until its complete end.
While we waited a few hours in line to get in we talked to a nice couple from the Houston Texas area who traveled up for the week just for this occasion. We’d watch the different costumed ensembles stroll by, people in capes and furs, horned headpieces and garments I normally see reserved for the renaissance Faire, faces painted amongst regularly attired folk. A young lady in viking dress gives each of my family a rune she made for the event. Later on a young man selling copper wrapped jewelry gives me a ring after I ask for his cars, I offer up a donation of ten dollars for his kind gesture.

The kid played games on her tablet until we finally got marching up the rampway to the steps that surrounded the natural amphitheater . The kid is fixated on taking in the strange sights she’s surrounded by, Oddly enough she fell asleep when the music began which might be in part my fault for using their music as lullabies on occasion but after her brief nap and trip to the restroom and merch booth to pick out her first concert shirt she was dancing and howling with the rest of them. She was I’m love with the moment and still made it to bed in time to get enough rest for school in the morning.

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