RIP Dreams

I still remember when my friends keep saying that men cheat all the time
How I used to smile like a fool between me and myself
saying to myself that this could never happen to me
that I got me a faithful man, a man that I thought would be honest, loyal, and faithful
I still remember that day when I discovered your infidelity with other women (yes wasn’t one only!)
I still remember how everything seemed to shatter with a blink of an eye
how could a person pretends to love another and promises a lifetime of happiness, yet deceive them every single day!
I still can’t comprehend how can any human being sleeps next to their lovers so peacefully without any guilt!
how could a person say I love you and I want to make you happy when they were heading towards breaking their heart!
Was I your comfort zone? did you get used to my love to a point you needed to seek others?
I still don’t know what was going in your mind every time you went on with your cheating!
How were you able to smile to my face! To hug me! to kiss me! to say you want to keep me happy!
It breaks my heart that I could’ve left you earlier when I started to feel lonely around you
When I felt you’re not giving me the same attention you used to, but I said to myself, it’s okay, this is just a rough patch that we can get over!
I hope our paths never cross again! For I don’t want to see you ever again
and the most painful of all the things I’m going through right now, is that I find myself weak at times, wanting to call you, to see you, to touch you
but I know, soon I will be able to let go of you completely for it’s been only 3 weeks now

Wherever you are, I hope you find what you’re looking for (even though you kept insisting it was me)

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