Isn’t it time

I wonder. They say that when two souls love each other who have a spiritual connection together can communicate telepathically with their dreams. I dreamt of you. All the dreams I have of you are so vivid, so real. As if they are vision beckoning me to my future, our future. You were and are a beautiful dream but sometimes I wonder, if I go through this, do you also go through it too. Do you dream of me too? If you do, isn’t that enough of a confirmation to give this a try? Isn’t it enough confirmation that when we look at each other we remember each other? From a time long past as if we have lived past lives together. Isn’t this justice?, a much needed justice to having been so apart for so long. Will you ever reach out to and for me? Am I the only always to fight for this connection wheb you feel, see ans know it too? Isn’t it time? To give love a chance. Our love a chance.

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