Please, in the age of social media and everyone having a voice, just STFU!

Please just STFU with your unhelpful comments. I don’t care that this is the age of social media and that everyone has a voice. Did it ever cross your mind that having tact and keeping your thoughts to yourself might be the better option?

I was at the library when I received a call from my doctor’s office letting me know that there was an opening that afternoon for a phone appointment. My appointment was for a suspicious mole on my body, so yeah, I was going to take the earlier appointment. I didn’t want to be rude to other patrons and also wanted some privacy so I found a deserted hallway in the lobby of the library building to take my phone call. It was 102 degrees outside so taking the call in my car or outside wouldn’t be safe.

I found a hallway that was just off the lobby so I decided to go in there and talk to my doctor. When my phone call was done, I walked out of the hallway and a woman who was sitting near the hallway entrance looks up from her book and says “I could hear everything you said, that hallway was like a sound tunnel.”

Oh my.

Oh, this bitch was rude AF. I looked at her and asked her to repeat back to me what I had said during my phone call; she just looked down at the book she was reading and ignored me. What a bitch.

If she were sitting in the library, I could see her point, but no, she was in the lobby of the library building and expected silence. FUCK OFF YOU UGLY ASS BITCH AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

Just wait until the toddlers from daycare come rolling into the library lobby, your panties will be in a twist.

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