The pact we made back in year 2018.

Obviously I KNOW you know what I’m talking about. I just hope that me and you can carry on with it for the rest of our lives. I miss you hugely. The more days that go by without me seeing your face, the worse I feel as time goes on. I don’t think I could even be with anyone else if me and you ever break up. I’ve had enough relationships over the years. Well, two long-term ones, that lasted for years, but I want mine and your relationship to be the final one.


I guess the thing that surprises me the most is your classification of us as exes. Really? When did we date? Was I so devastated every time you told me how embarrassed you are of me or how worthless I am that I simply forgot about all the dinners we had and movies we went to? Was I so flummoxed by your seeming inability to express any variation of “please”, “thank you”, or “I’m sorry”, that I just spaced out all the times you wished me happy birthday, or merry Christmas? Maybe every time you responded to an invitation for intimacy with emotional abuse my memory blocked out a really heartfelt conversation we had or some amazing lovemaking right after? It must be. Like that would make some sense then why you’re always so disappointed with how I fail all your expectations.

I may be a lazy alcoholic manic depressive mess pissing my life down the toilet faster than anyone could imagine. But at least I’m honest with myself. And you for that matter tho I don’t really owe you anything. I tried really hard for a really long time to make something real happen, but apparently you’d rather believe something actually did and I fucked it all up by myself. By either or our interpretations, is it any wonder I don’t care about anything at all now when what I cared about most went so poorly for me? There’s a bunch more I could say, but let’s be real, you don’t care, about me, about my feelings or what I have to say.

Dude, your car wash sucks so…

Mr. Car Wash,
I see you rolling up in that nasty Winnebago which you probably live in. I’m not sure why you own a car wash and yet your motor home looks like a dirty roach motel. Can you see the irony?

Why are you banishing customers from your car wash? I didn’t need to vacuum my car the other night but I did need to wash it. You assumed that cleaning out the interior of my car was all that I needed to do. No, I had plans to wash my car as well but you banished me on the spot because you accused me of theft of services by not paying $1 to vacuum my car. That is no way to bring in more customers. There are so many other car care options in the area, so I have no problem spending my money elsewhere.

Please, in the age of social media and everyone having a voice, just STFU!

Please just STFU with your unhelpful comments. I don’t care that this is the age of social media and that everyone has a voice. Did it ever cross your mind that having tact and keeping your thoughts to yourself might be the better option?

I was at the library when I received a call from my doctor’s office letting me know that there was an opening that afternoon for a phone appointment. My appointment was for a suspicious mole on my body, so yeah, I was going to take the earlier appointment. I didn’t want to be rude to other patrons and also wanted some privacy so I found a deserted hallway in the lobby of the library building to take my phone call. It was 102 degrees outside so taking the call in my car or outside wouldn’t be safe.

I found a hallway that was just off the lobby so I decided to go in there and talk to my doctor. When my phone call was done, I walked out of the hallway and a woman who was sitting near the hallway entrance looks up from her book and says “I could hear everything you said, that hallway was like a sound tunnel.”

Oh my.

Oh, this bitch was rude AF. I looked at her and asked her to repeat back to me what I had said during my phone call; she just looked down at the book she was reading and ignored me. What a bitch.

If she were sitting in the library, I could see her point, but no, she was in the lobby of the library building and expected silence. FUCK OFF YOU UGLY ASS BITCH AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

Just wait until the toddlers from daycare come rolling into the library lobby, your panties will be in a twist.

Your mind games

It must give you some sort of ego trip to pretend that you want to stay with me, but then you don’t contact me for ages. Yet again. You can’t be all that serious about wanting to be mine. If you were, then you would make sure to stay in contact, but you just keep on tripping yourself up, again and again. You’re not very good at proving your “love” or your “respect” for me. So why don’t you just leave me alone then? You can’t have it both ways. Or why don’t you just go back to being single? Instead of fooling me into thinking you can be someone you’re not? What do you want from me? You’re too confusing. It’s getting stupid now. On your bike and leave me alone. Plus, you say a lot of things, but where is the action? I don’t believe you anymore. You think I’m naive and dumb. We’ll see who ends up marrying me.