Your mind games

It must give you some sort of ego trip to pretend that you want to stay with me, but then you don’t contact me for ages. Yet again. You can’t be all that serious about wanting to be mine. If you were, then you would make sure to stay in contact, but you just keep on tripping yourself up, again and again. You’re not very good at proving your “love” or your “respect” for me. So why don’t you just leave me alone then? You can’t have it both ways. Or why don’t you just go back to being single? Instead of fooling me into thinking you can be someone you’re not? What do you want from me? You’re too confusing. It’s getting stupid now. On your bike and leave me alone. Plus, you say a lot of things, but where is the action? I don’t believe you anymore. You think I’m naive and dumb. We’ll see who ends up marrying me.

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