Ice Queen

Fell into my well of tears,
Bubbling to the top was an
Assortment of fears.
Tangled up in my bluish stare
You opened up wounds
That inflicted pain everywhere.

Thoughts drool down my cheeks
Memories clash the cymbals
You can’t hear me speak.
Anger amounts in a rubbish pile
As I wince from it all,
you give off a devilish smile.

Your heart might me bright
and three times
The size to those you love
But it coils as a viper to strangers,
ready to strike from above.

You are pathetic
when you are so blatantly mean
Nothing is beautiful
about your face
when you are an evil Ice Queen.

Fell into my well of tears had you
And mocked pity with a false care,
Nothing lovely grows
from you indifferent glare.

Stop pretending,
its a farce just as cruel
As your throne,
The only reason you’re in office
Is because of your sly tone.

I’ll never vote you in to the kingdom
Of the kind,
never understand your banter
And its tomfoolery design.
You might think I am being harsh
But I am tired of your blows
There’s no place for you here,
so off you go.

2 thoughts on “Ice Queen”

  1. Ice Queen here, just because I am who I am because of whatever made me this way gives you no right to act self righteous. I take nothing from you and live my life alone nor do I need to justify how I am to you. I am who I am because of who and what made me that way. I am not sorry that I am not your delusional wonder woman. I am a pure flesh and blood woman with her own insecurities and flaws, and I don’t project them on anyone which is why I prefer to be alone. I don’t like being put on a pedestal for I am not a princess. I am an Ice Queen and I own my kingdom and if my Ice King comes along he will be more than happy to sweep me off my feet and love me how I am and we will work through whatever together. I want people who are real and are willing to know the real me and vice versa. If I am too much for you, you best runaway child for you are better off without me for your heart might break because of the cold since you don’t have the tools and clothing to sculpt the Ice while keeping yourself warm at the same time. I am who I am, I don’t justify it, it’s what it is. I acknowledge the harsh elements that made me this way so I stay out of other people’s way because I like being fair and I don’t sell vapour dreams that evaporate with time, never forming into anything solid or tangible. I am an Ice Queen, only the one who shall have the heart and balls to brace and survive the Ice will have gained more than an Ice Queen but would also have gained a woman who will stand by him through thick and thin. For the right one I will do anything and I will shatter any evil hearts for them. It is who I am. I AM THE ICE QUEEN AND I AM PROUD OF IT.

    1. The poem is a release of anger for someone being vindicative without any remorse. Yes its judgemental. . I wrote it about someone who is terribly unkind. I wrote it here because it helps me lash out my anger without doing it formally. I appreciate your feedback and am thankful you were able to vent your feelings towards someone, whoever it is.

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