In the immutability of time, I have been left to thought. In this manner then, would all these memories come to be forgotten? And at night when tears stream down my cheeks and my demons descend into the bottomless abyss of my mind. Embracing my solitude, everything becomes grey. But in the end, there is none but you, your memories, your touch, your scent. Once again you become the reason why my heart flutters again.


2 thoughts on “Time”

  1. hopeful..
    Wishing you full fletched hope
    leading to double flutter without
    the need of a cardiologist 👍

  2. It seems that holding onto hope is all I have. The light diminishes day by day and so the thread of hope grows weaker. So I hang onto the happiness of those precious memories, they keep warm during these hard times.

    For me, hope is a dream that never sleeps.


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