I’ll Miss You

Dear X,
The truth is… I’m scared to let you go. I want you to have your great adventure and live your life to the fullest. I know you’ll never feel the same way back and that hurts, but I want to see you happy. And I know we’re meant to part. I’ve got all my aspirations and passions to chase and you have yourself to find. But it hasn’t changed that… right now, I’m yours. And I wish I weren’t. I wish it were easier to leave you first, but every time I do, you bring me back. And every time you tell me you miss me it breaks my heart. Because you miss me for the moment, but I know I’ll never really stop missing you. I’ll always miss our banter, our play wrestles, our arguments on life, our stolen moments, and our nights together. And I’m greedy for wanting more time with you, but I feel so safe and so happy when we’re together. I’ll always remember you fondly as my hippo, my favorite pillow, and a part of me will always be

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