A memorial

Jordan’s memorial was held behind the The Trading Post out by Red Rocks. They prepared a lovely space white chairs that sat about half of the attendees. Rainclouds loomed overhead with a few threatening drops as a promise of what was to come. Softly Somewhere Over the Rainbow played as her family and friends gathered. Sean greeted us briefly after arrival but was swiftly moved on to other grievers offering condolences.
We found a little deck to sit on and were offered up a pamphlet by Jordan’s aunt, on the cover her beautiful face beamed out and inside a paper butterfly with violets pressed falls out. A eulogy followed by various poems fill the pages , those I read to my child as music pours down the rocks from the above amphitheater and casting a larger than life ambience.

We listened to a few family speakers who worked closely with her and praised her adventure seeking spirit and emphasize the nature of her crash as a freak accident, then her dad was up and he shares a few personal stories , one where as they listen to Twisted Sister’s We’re not going to take it, Jordan asks “what are we not going to take?” And he responds “It, we’re not going to take It.” As he finishes his story the downpour of rain begins and he mentions how she would love weather like this before they concluded with an intermission as everyone attempts to crowd under the balcony. We take that time to leave as we did what we came to do and there was no need to put the kid through the downpour.
From the pamplet:
Love Never Fades.
It Never goes away.
Though my body is not here.
My love for you is strong.
It grows bigger and stronger.
Each memory keeping me alive.
In the area of your heart.
Love never fades.
It will never go away.
Silently, I walk beside you.
Watching our tree grow.
Every day, Every moment,
I am there,
Like a tree,
I will be with you.

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