My former neighbors had a daughter named Jordan. They time ago now, Tonya moved to Casper and Sean stayed nearby since her daughter and mother live nearby. Before they separated I remember meeting Jordan on a number of occasions, and her fiance Chris briefly before he killed himself in front of her by hanging himself from a tree on the anniversary of his father’s own suicide.

I remember Tanya telling me how hard Jordan struggled with it afterwards and though Tanya seemed impatient when she would have a breakdown , I understood the challenges facing a memory like that posed daily.
It’s my first day back from my roadtrip and I get a text message from Tanya saying Jordan had died in an auto accident. When I let my husband know as he got back from his walk he wanted to offer some sort of support to Sean but panicked as he saw the last text message sent was a Happy Father’s Day, so he called instead. I don’t think either of us realized how recently it happened because Sean was still rough from crying cried too after the conversation ended. She was four years younger than me and though she may not have known me well, I had heard all sorts of stories from her childhood going to the renaissance Faire every year to some of her deepest tragedies and in that I had come to know her in a sense.

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