The day i met you, it was a delightful moment for me. I would never forget on how does it feel like to have you, in my life. I didnt ask you to love me back (i dont even care) because i myself dont feel the exact same thing – perhaps. I do love you, my friend and i do love you as you texted me and we talked for several nights and listened to a few of my favouritw music together. Though we are distance away, miles and hours away, i keep the meaningful words of yours and your voice in the back of my mind. It still does spin in my head.

Frankly i tried so hard to convince myself that our friendship would have ended one day. It’s either me or you who will slam the door and leave the memories locked.
It’s either me or you who will talk about the ending
It’s either me or you who will start the fight and apologize.
It’s either me or you who starts crying.

It’s either me or you who wants to rebuild us back

But none of us know tht the right answer is neither.

I love you i care for you but i have no idea how long we’re gonna hold this forever.

I’ll always be carrying your heart and your voice with me.

Husna :”)

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