Troy, I miss you

I miss you so much. It’s been six years since we last saw each other and for some reason I thought this year would be different. According to my guides 28 or year 2020, seemed like that would all change. The year isn’t over yet. So who knows what’s in store. Now I could be thinking extremely faulty but I just can’t shake how I feel for you. I know the feelings are one-sided and not mutual.

I still check my email everyday to see if you’ll reach out. Especially since, I blocked you on everything else and my number has changed.

I feel so pathetic writing on this but it’s the only way I can get this out. I know I need to completely forget about you. I do and I will. When? I don’t know. After all I think about you still everyday. I hope you’re happy and healthy. Take good care of yourself.

Missing you always,

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