That’s how much the Arise event raises for The Colorado Doula Project.

One of my lady friends showed up with her friend at 9 am to get on the list for a tattoo once the event opened up at noon, even arriving early there was still a line around the building. They got her down for a deposit but unfortunately the artist tapped out right before her and the events close at 7:30 that evening.
I was able to show up around 5:30 while there was still a pretty good show of people. Their gardening houses were opened up as a bar and dj setup with a vegan food truck set up behind that. I see a few familiar faces when I arrive, attending to business and business is booming.

Another one of our friends joins us closer to 6 .Our little posse hangs out in the book nook for a bit perusing the broad selection. The ladies drop a pretty penny on books while we wait for two of them to get called up for tattoo time.
We spend some time taking in a beautiful evening out front for a bit, my own painted contributed painting directly behind us as we chit chat, before they get called up for the bad news but they handle it gracefully. One girl has them forward her deposit on to donation.
After spending all day at the event, and there being only a few minutes left until closing time, we reckon its a good time to head out for the night but make plans for future crafty nights and housewarming parties at our different homes in the future.

Down pity party lane

I try so hard to believe the words I write

But sometimes I admittingly fall short

And I am left deciding between knocking on Death’s doorstop

And reciting the mantra “change can be beautiful”

A few thousand, life altering, times.

Tonight I am a queen throwing a tantrum party with glossy eyes

And misty, tangible fears.

Tomorrow I will put on my favorite dress and lipshade

And sing a hopeful prayer.

I have no answers

Death storms in, flabberghasted that my thickness, my

Soft spoken voice, and my poor decisions has not thwarted me off course.

In truth I feel alienated even though I am causing the issue to

To forgo an earthly landing.

I feel sick to my stomach. The fire has been wiped out of my

Chest, and most days I sit in rooms where everything should feel beautiful

And all I can see is the damage.

Death keeps playing cryptograms with Kindness and

Behind their togetherness, an exhausted me

Is trying to decode the next step.

Most days I feel like ashes and embers.

Somehow though, the fire still roars

Even miniscule as it is.

Somehow, I keep going.

Dear Ben R***es

Please read!! Sarah L**d is the best fiancé that you will ever have. You’ll never find another like her. The way Sarah treats you with such care and compassion is second to none. You’re very lucky to have her. I hope you don’t go having sex with other women behind her back, because I highly doubt that she’d cheat on you. Don’t take Sarah for granted. You never know when she’ll not be here on this earth anymore. None of us live forever. I know you are all too easily influenced by some of your male friends, but genuine friends wouldn’t manipulate you into sleeping with other women, and drinking tons of alcohol, and anything else that’s demoralising. They’re not your “friends”. They’re just people who live in the same building as you, who get a kick out of manipulating you. They want you and Sarah to split up. Pleas don’t get yourself into behaviours you’ll regret for the rest of your life. You need safeguarding from them so-called “friends”. Especially J and C. You don’t see the manipulation coming, but I start to sense it. Also, Rosemary is beginning to manipulate you, and Theresa. They’re not friends. They’re cunning con-artists and trouble causers. You know who your REAL friends are.

Truth or Dare

Pretty much have been saying I love you to a man

Who goes in strategic circles of silence.

This has been pretty much the bane of my existence

My adult life with each encounter of another blurry faced beauty.

Perhaps this is why my love life has a loveless landscape.

I used to think that the man who walked out of my life

Over 6 months ago was the closest I had to ever finding a voluptuous, overflowing love.

But soon I realized no one has ever had the courage to love me,

Not even I.

My friend the sea

I miss the sea, I miss it’s foamy waves, I miss the pull of it’s power, I miss it’s life giving energy, I miss it’s dangerous mesmerizing beauty. I miss the sand and feel of my feet on it. I miss your sight, a sunkissed vision. I miss the warm humid nights and the bubbly lazy days. My soul aches for it and my body yearns for it. It’s been a long time my friend. It’s been six years since I last saw you. Everything in my life has changed. I’ve had more pain than joy to be honest since we last met. I miss how you refresh my soul. I miss how your energy seems to renew my purpose in life. I miss the happiness you give me. I miss your cleansing waves, washing away all my darkness. I miss you. I miss us. Maybe one day we can see each other again and you’ll have stories to tell me as I do have stories of my own to tell. I look forward to that day as we merge and intertwine together to last a lifetime. Until then, please remember me. Remember our times together. Remember the joy we had together. These are some of the things that keep me afloat. The thought of you. The thought of us. The thought of forever.

August 18 Thoughts

Whenever he follows someone new I start getting anxious and wonder why?
Does he talk to them? Why else would he follow them
Does he find them attractive? It won’t ever stop
Why does he follow new people, why does he talk to new people

I envy that. I want to talk to new people, I want to do new things but I don’t have any particular goal in mind.

I wish he told me about the endeavors he’s pursuing. I don’t want to be kept in the dark. I also wish he told me about where he goes and who he goes with. Because I wonder if he’s hiding something or someone.
I guess that’s what bothered me the most today.

I also wish I could stop being so obsessive over him. I get that it’s healthy but only to a certain level. I don’t want to worry about every little thing that he does.
Especially when I love him more than he loves me.

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I’m sorry that I’m not the briliant son you expected me to be. The burden of you being so successfull makes any of my achievments look miniscular. All of my achievements will never be as bright as yours when you were my age. All of my Ideas no matter how brilliant they are they will seem childlike and you will be on point to tell me what negative aspects they have blocking out all of the positive outcomes they can achieve. In my Early 30s you only remind me every day that i was prepared to be successful and not land lowpaying jobs and be a failure. My 2 businesses have grown exponentially since i started them 3 years ago, but to you they are only merchandise in boxes filling up a room and you can’t wait for me to throw them out and land an office job like all of your friends offspring have. Every time we try to talk about any random subject it all ends in the same speech: grow up, search for a good paying job, leave behind those business you made and get a 9-5 like everyone else does, and if you dont like the way im talking to you, you are more than welcomed to leave the house. I wish for once you heard my ideals, know why im doing things the way i am and not end everything in cons about what im doing and how i will be unsuccessful and everything im working towards will reach a dead end. i really liked how when in my early adulthood friends were over and you treated them how i wanted to be treated, you listened to them and talked to them about subjects we never talked about. for a brief moment i heard a dad that i wish i had that listened to those subjects and had a postive thing to comment. i love you and im sorry i did not accomplish everything you intended for me to accomplish by this age. I hope one day when I become succesful in your eyes, you see and understand why im taking the route i currently am.

Your Son.