Dear Ben,

There must be something really dodgy going on with you. You haven’t bothered phoning me on your support workers work phone for quite a few days now. Usually you phone me and ask me if I want to have my tea at yours. It’s making me suspicious and I feel like you’re abandoning me. You or your support workers haven’t even bothered explaining to me, so what’s the reason for you suddenly abandoning me? It’s not right to leave me wondering. In fact, if you don’t tell me, I’ll just move on to a lad who actually cares about me and wants to spend time with me. You need to earn my respect again. I don’t go into relationships lightly. You’d better get with the program. Otherwise I’ll just move on to someone else. Yes it would be a shame, but you only get back from me, what you dish out. I’m not even sure what’s going on with you. I at least deserve to be told. That’s if you ever want me to come to your flat anymore. How can I know if you don’t tell me? I’m even more shocked that your main support worker hasn’t even mentioned why. He’s usually dragging me along with you. I just don’t understand. It does make sense.

The machine

The first one I recieved as a gift but despite all the assembly videos and outside help from friend, we could not get it working properly. I actually felt cursed, my first tattoo machine and I can’t even get it up and running properly, could it be a bad omen?

Yesterday Prime was having some massive discounts on merchandise and even though they don’t carry the models the pros often promote , I found a highly reviewed tattoo pen , an updated and simplified assembly of what I previously had in my possession. One of the first commenter to share their review and pictures was a professional that boasted having one of the Cheyenne models in their possession and said they found the handling of this significantly cheaper Taiwan model to be comparable. I got the okay to place the order and was delighted for it to arrive the same day.
I was so excited to test it out just to see if it worked I didn’t even worry about making a stencil or prepping the fake skin properly, and when that beautiful motor turned on immediately and smoothly I was absolutely thrilled. I laid down some small freehand drawings, absolutely the most hideous sketches I’ve made in years but the joy of having having a working machine was such a beautiful feeling. The thick black lines came out smooth and straight, the words were legible and near. It was the first sample of that dream I’ve had since I was a teenager actually being accessible.

Sure my dad decided he didn’t want me in his life anymore because of it, but you know what it doesn’t really bother me anymore. I mean he left me when I was a kid anyway, what right does he really have to tell me the career I chose to pursue, the art I wanted to wear on my body is the great disappointment that he can’t abide by. It sounds like an excuse for a reason to step out again to me , and it’s a rotten choice but it’s his to make. Just like this one was mine.

I still have a ways to go to polish up my abilities to give my potential clients the respect they deserve, but gosh it sure feels good to be taking the steps to make that happen.

Semper Fidelis

Dear E,

I just wanted to share with you a thought dump that I had in my phone in 2020 a few months after we fought because I was provoked by your post. Looking back, it feels silly how much pain I was in that time but you know, I needed to feel it to be able to move past us:

“There are things that I can’t explain. All I know is that deep inside me, you’re still there. I find myself reminiscing all those moments we shared. Ask me if I remember it and I’d probably say yes. I remember when we cried and you said we deserved a chance. I remember how tight you held my hand while we crossed the road going to [removed to protect the privacy] then. I remember how much you cried when we fought. I remember how emotional it was during the last night we spent together. I don’t know why I threw all of that away and putting all the blame on you when I was one to blame too. You held me so tight that night and I remember telling myself that I was scared to lose you. We both know I lost you that night. Sometimes, I find myself wishing you were still in my life and nothing changed. If that happened, where would we be now? You know, it kind of sucks that you used to be my best friend whom I tell everything to. I know I took those moments for granted because I thought you’d always be there for me. I thought you would always be crazy for me but I was wrong. I forgot the very fact that we were not even supposed to be together. We were never supposed to fall in love but I did, hard. Now, no one knows that I still have that love for you somehow. Right now, I want to message you bad but we both don’t deserve that. I want to deny it but it’s obvious how much you love her and I used to be that girl. Sometimes, I wish I still was but I am not. I don’t want to ruin the peace that you have because I wouldn’t have wanted you to ruin mine. I miss you and it hurts to remember because I know you’re trying hard to bury them too.”

Well that’s that. Tbh, I envy you have your little family now.

– I

To Washington

My artist girl Annette over in the Ukraine is back online and has been sharing the going ons in her country ranging from the Crimea Bridge destruction, missile maps of where they’ve been hit, and videos of them huddled in the Kiev subway as air raid sirens blare.

Today she shared a video clip from Russia. A group of people marching with a mascot cartoon missile chanting To Washington.
It made the hairs on my arms stand up, but I know that the group of people I’m looking at is much smaller than the groups that are fleeing the country to places like Finland and Kazakhstan to avoid the draft.

When I attempted to talk to my mom about it, she gets aggitated saying that it’s our fault because of the Nordic Pipeline and that she won’t talk politics with me.
I feel it’s unfair to lay the blame squarely on our shoulders , but anymore if I try to talk current events with mom she becomes fixed in this aggressive we’re going to war verbiage, which tends to have an argumentative lean towards anything I have to divulge on the situation to me doesn’t do well for actually hosting conversations, but I still think it’s important to see so I send her and a handful of friends the links anyway.


I have to forgive myself for the years I’ve wasted on you.
You can take me out of your rotation of women you cycle through.
I managed to stay out of that for 8 years, only to see you again and get sucked back into it.
What you is no better than a panhandler begging on a corner.
I really hope the career path I turned you on to works out and with a little luck, you’ll
either die as a hood ornament, road pizza, or you’ll just finally leave town.
All those sound good to me, so long as I can go back to my life without you.
5 months I dodged the bullet that was your texts, seeing you as I drove through town, your texts… 5 months, only to get stupid at month 6 because I was feeling low after another failed romance with someone totally not on my level (a bad idea from the start)… you hit me up as you do and because I was suddenly desperate for companionship closer to my own age, I texted back.
Correction, I texted back something other than Go F# yourself..I made a mistake, a few, dating someone 20 years younger and then agreeing to spend any time with you when I would have been better off just going to the bar and picking up a random guy, wouldve ended better than another round of F#kery with you. You waste of time. Go back to your air mattress on the floor, you live like a crackhead, you are such a bum. My bed is too comfortable without you in it.
I’m so ashamed of myself for ever letting u step foot in my place much less in my bed. I feel sick at the thought.

The truth about Angels

Remembering eyes slippery
As ice, heart feeling
Love generate, coil and
Others never saw
The way a heart frenzied
Of floods and thunderstrms
They never saw chaos
From lips
In silence, in grins, in centuries.
Winter felt so hot,
Love felt so near.
Eyes slip still
When snow falls
when fall leaves…
There is only familiar hums
Bouncing down the alley
That replenishes the heart
that mends fingers to touch
There is eyes
frozen to the
beauty of seas, mountains and trees.
The start of a rude awakening.

Falling down the stairs

It’s been almost a week since I feel down the stairs as I was on my way to pick up my daughters sick time makeup work from her school.

It was the first time the air had been knocked out of me in years. Initially I knew that I had at least bruised my ribs on the right side, maybe fractured my foot, my knee was definitely protesting in pain too. Nothing that I felt was serious enough to warrant taking up a busy doctor’s time and did my best to walk it off.
Today I feel I may have underestimated my injuries and chest pain became an emergent fixture of my day. If I press down where I hit my side, I feel the pain radiate through my chest. A fractured rib maybe, the symptoms match. However even if I did take it to the hospital at this point in time, I read there’s not much the professions would be able to do to treat it, and honestly even with insurance I really don’t want to throw money down on an xray to be told there’s nothing we can do. So I’ll probably be whining about the pain for a minute, maybe see if some of those cbd gummies can help a lady out and carry on.