My friend the sea

I miss the sea, I miss it’s foamy waves, I miss the pull of it’s power, I miss it’s life giving energy, I miss it’s dangerous mesmerizing beauty. I miss the sand and feel of my feet on it. I miss your sight, a sunkissed vision. I miss the warm humid nights and the bubbly lazy days. My soul aches for it and my body yearns for it. It’s been a long time my friend. It’s been six years since I last saw you. Everything in my life has changed. I’ve had more pain than joy to be honest since we last met. I miss how you refresh my soul. I miss how your energy seems to renew my purpose in life. I miss the happiness you give me. I miss your cleansing waves, washing away all my darkness. I miss you. I miss us. Maybe one day we can see each other again and you’ll have stories to tell me as I do have stories of my own to tell. I look forward to that day as we merge and intertwine together to last a lifetime. Until then, please remember me. Remember our times together. Remember the joy we had together. These are some of the things that keep me afloat. The thought of you. The thought of us. The thought of forever.

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