That’s how much the Arise event raises for The Colorado Doula Project.

One of my lady friends showed up with her friend at 9 am to get on the list for a tattoo once the event opened up at noon, even arriving early there was still a line around the building. They got her down for a deposit but unfortunately the artist tapped out right before her and the events close at 7:30 that evening.
I was able to show up around 5:30 while there was still a pretty good show of people. Their gardening houses were opened up as a bar and dj setup with a vegan food truck set up behind that. I see a few familiar faces when I arrive, attending to business and business is booming.

Another one of our friends joins us closer to 6 .Our little posse hangs out in the book nook for a bit perusing the broad selection. The ladies drop a pretty penny on books while we wait for two of them to get called up for tattoo time.
We spend some time taking in a beautiful evening out front for a bit, my own painted contributed painting directly behind us as we chit chat, before they get called up for the bad news but they handle it gracefully. One girl has them forward her deposit on to donation.
After spending all day at the event, and there being only a few minutes left until closing time, we reckon its a good time to head out for the night but make plans for future crafty nights and housewarming parties at our different homes in the future.

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