Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I’m sorry that I’m not the briliant son you expected me to be. The burden of you being so successfull makes any of my achievments look miniscular. All of my achievements will never be as bright as yours when you were my age. All of my Ideas no matter how brilliant they are they will seem childlike and you will be on point to tell me what negative aspects they have blocking out all of the positive outcomes they can achieve. In my Early 30s you only remind me every day that i was prepared to be successful and not land lowpaying jobs and be a failure. My 2 businesses have grown exponentially since i started them 3 years ago, but to you they are only merchandise in boxes filling up a room and you can’t wait for me to throw them out and land an office job like all of your friends offspring have. Every time we try to talk about any random subject it all ends in the same speech: grow up, search for a good paying job, leave behind those business you made and get a 9-5 like everyone else does, and if you dont like the way im talking to you, you are more than welcomed to leave the house. I wish for once you heard my ideals, know why im doing things the way i am and not end everything in cons about what im doing and how i will be unsuccessful and everything im working towards will reach a dead end. i really liked how when in my early adulthood friends were over and you treated them how i wanted to be treated, you listened to them and talked to them about subjects we never talked about. for a brief moment i heard a dad that i wish i had that listened to those subjects and had a postive thing to comment. i love you and im sorry i did not accomplish everything you intended for me to accomplish by this age. I hope one day when I become succesful in your eyes, you see and understand why im taking the route i currently am.

Your Son.

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