Dear Ben R***es

Please read!! Sarah L**d is the best fiancé that you will ever have. You’ll never find another like her. The way Sarah treats you with such care and compassion is second to none. You’re very lucky to have her. I hope you don’t go having sex with other women behind her back, because I highly doubt that she’d cheat on you. Don’t take Sarah for granted. You never know when she’ll not be here on this earth anymore. None of us live forever. I know you are all too easily influenced by some of your male friends, but genuine friends wouldn’t manipulate you into sleeping with other women, and drinking tons of alcohol, and anything else that’s demoralising. They’re not your “friends”. They’re just people who live in the same building as you, who get a kick out of manipulating you. They want you and Sarah to split up. Pleas don’t get yourself into behaviours you’ll regret for the rest of your life. You need safeguarding from them so-called “friends”. Especially J and C. You don’t see the manipulation coming, but I start to sense it. Also, Rosemary is beginning to manipulate you, and Theresa. They’re not friends. They’re cunning con-artists and trouble causers. You know who your REAL friends are.

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