Love story

A while back, an older couple told me how they got together. They had gone to the same high school, and while the man had a crush on the woman then, he wasn’t anywhere near her radar. They reunited many years later at, well, a reunion. They had both been married; the woman had gone through an acrimonious divorce while the man had lost his wife to cancer. They started dating soon after and eventually got married. And while this wonderfully romantic tale of love winning above all no matter how old you are was being spun, I couldn’t help but see the slightest tinge of ‘I loved her 50 years ago, I wish she realized that before I was her last best option’ in the man’ face. Not even half his age, but with more than my share of potential romances that didn’t appreciate me until long after it mattered, I understood this type of love story was probably the best I could ever hope for myself.

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