I’m certainly no expert. But as far as I understand, human sexuality is mostly based on biology. For instance, women are naturally attracted to tall men with big muscles, so that they can defend them against wooly mammoth and sabretooth attacks. Likewise, men are attracted to women with large breasts, because they have more milk in them. Cleopatra and Aaron Burr, among many others, all reached great heights due primarily to that extra milk they received as infants. It’s just science.

All that to say, when you asked me what my favorite part of you was, I went to the science. The single biggest biological attraction for men to women is waist to hip ratio. Not to difficult to figure out why. So, I guess that’s my answer. But not for that reason. You see, I think of that more as where my hands go. When we first danced in high school at the prom. The first time I kissed you. When we make love in pretty much any position. That’s just where they go.

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