You. Only you. Always You.

Have loved, Love and will love.
There are things I know but, dont say.
Im not completely oblivious to everything you do for me, your understanding for one..
I never quite tell you how much I really, deeply Love you. I complain, only show you that I doubt you.. I am sorry, I trust you. I dont really doubt you.
You are free to do whatever you like and Im aware of all the choices in front of you. The daily things you need to attend to, the people around you who need you but you still make time for me in all this chaos. Sometimes, I get a little selfish and only want you to myself and I know I need to compromise.. I know.
So much I need to say to you and I just dont know how, its like I fear showing my sensitive side because it may come across as a weakness..

I love you so much. You will probably never really know how much.

I miss you , always miss you.

I wish I could make you the happiest person alive, because you make me feel I am the luckiest. You do.

I have not always been fair with you and I promise all I really wish for is your full happiness and I know that may be something I cant accomplish.

You deserve so much more than I am giving, than I can give..

There is nothing in this world that compares to you in my eyes and in my heart amd as I type this my heart is beating crazy.

Whatever the future holds I hope you will know how worthy of love and respect you are.

From the bottom of my heart.


Dear A,

I saw a pic the other day on social media, one of those anniversary/nostalgia things. You weren’t in it, but it was taken around the time we met. Now 9 years ago. Truth be told, I can’t really remember much before that happened. And ever since has all been one big blur. I’ll skip past all the heartbreak, trying to express that has never done me much good. I just wanna ask you why? You know how much you meant to me. And we actually had pretty good chemistry I think, most of the time. Remember the Valentines I walked through the snow to see you? You were legitimately happy to see me; you’re not that good at faking. I think we could have been happy together. I think we could’ve formed a team that would’ve been stronger than the sum of its parts. So why did you turn your back on me for good? Did I say or do something to deserve your….hatred? That’s the only word that’s feels right. I’d be so happy if you just randomly popped back in my life some day, there’s nothing that can’t be forgiven, eventually. But, in the meantime, can you at least tell me why you left me?

Your loss!!

You will never ever realize what such a good quality fiance you’re about to lose. Why should I have any reason to think that you still want to be mine? You only contact me when you feel like it, for your own selfish reasons. You put on a good act. Take a bow. But be with someone who is as fake as yourself. I am too good to be with YOU. I know another man who deserves me. Even though me and him are only friends. He gives me the attention that you should be giving me. Plus he lives in the same building as me. He also cares about me and shows me compassion. It’s made me question why I’m even still “with” you. It should be HIM I’m marrying. Too late to apologize. Keep kicking your salty wounds. I never quite believed in you anyway. Goodbye.