My days as a house mom

I wake up at 6 a.m. to have my coffee before the morning hustle begins. I made everyone’s lunches the night before, the kid loves when I use cookie cutters to turn her sandwiches into fun shapes like hearts, the husband has recently changed up his sandwich habit for whatever hello fresh meal I have made up.

At 6:30 I wake the kid up to make sure she’s dressed, packed and ready to go for our walk to the kindergarten. She has enough time to enjoy an episode of one of her shows during breakfast before drop-off commences.

After that it’s just me and the cats, as the husband takes our one car to work in the early hours of the morning, I’m homebound until I walk to get the child from school again.I spend that time getting our little space cleaned and organized better than I’ve been able too multitasking with the family around before, when I’m not making our space tidy I’m attempting to complete half finished art works to list for sale.
Last week I mailed off two smaller commissions I recieved for something normally outside my realm, a Proverbs quote, but I’m not going to turn down good business. Now I have the need of getting pieces framed out and listed then advertised.

I don’t have anyone screaming bitch at me,bills. Having all my time and energy sucked up by two jobs, I’m not panicking because I’m getting off work late to pick up my kid, no car accidents, or overly friendly advances from coworkers and clients, no demands for productivity besides the ones I make for myself. I might not bring in a ton of money doing what I am as of yet but I’m still just getting the ball rolling so to speak and my husband makes enough that there’s not added pressure just to cover the bills and we’re all insured. I have a lot to be grateful for with that.

After I pick up the kid from school we play outside with the neighbor kids for a few minutes before getting down with whatever homework her teacher sent her home with. We got her nicely prepared during her home education that she’s already recieved a nice pile of certificates of accomplishments from her teacher for what she knows. We’ve also got her learning some Russian and Spanish basics at home so she can be in a good space to be a polyglot later. Mind you that doesn’t mean I don’t have to negotiate through my fair share of temper tantrums and only behaviors.

I might not be bringing in the finance consistently yet

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