Your loss!!

You will never ever realize what such a good quality fiance you’re about to lose. Why should I have any reason to think that you still want to be mine? You only contact me when you feel like it, for your own selfish reasons. You put on a good act. Take a bow. But be with someone who is as fake as yourself. I am too good to be with YOU. I know another man who deserves me. Even though me and him are only friends. He gives me the attention that you should be giving me. Plus he lives in the same building as me. He also cares about me and shows me compassion. It’s made me question why I’m even still “with” you. It should be HIM I’m marrying. Too late to apologize. Keep kicking your salty wounds. I never quite believed in you anyway. Goodbye.

2 thoughts on “Your loss!!”

  1. You do realise I come here everyday wondering if you reach out. When it doesn’t post for weeks I get anxious. This site is like how I betrayed you. We found it very hard the last time around on the second weekend.
    if you want to find someone else you know I won’t be happy as I’ve not even looked for someone like you. We meet people for a reason. And what we have is very special to me. I need to come and fall into. Not like before to me that was love I didn’t know even existed. So the learning curve for me atleast has been tricky. Please don’t say goodbye here if your mine I know where we could meet. just me you and the sea I can picture your energy wanting to be with me there and I wanted the same on the tiny peninsular that will change. But hopefully something of you that said that and longed the way I did still remains. Distance has perhaps grew us apart. Ps you know this is me as you won’t know anyone with this bad grammar. I’ve never been so sure it’s you tho. Breathe and hug me there in time.

  2. I know it’s your sweet beautiful soul. your loyalness has kept me hanging in this for many years.
    You are so knowledgable and we were bound to meet. you keep better company than anyone inknow and do things right first time where as others like myself included don’t and we get the credit.
    I love you

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