You told me around three weeks ago now, that you will always be here for me, which is nice, but this week you haven’t made much effort to communicate with me, which makes me question whether you really meant what you said. It isn’t very respectful leaving me in limbo like this. I’ve got OTHER friends who would treat me better than this. Not sure why you’re even doing this. You’re not as interested in spending time with me as you like to make out you are. That isn’t being a good friend, at all. I’m not so certain about you anymore. Goodbye. It’s just all fun and games to YOU. I’m glad that you didn’t bother inviting me to your birthday. As you were never going to keep up the communication with me. Good luck with whatever, dude.

2 thoughts on “You”

  1. If this is you, KS, I just want to say sorry. I feel really awkward around you because I have a huge crush on you. I hope we can stay friends, I promise to make up for everything. I REALLY DO LOVE YOU, you are my always in my prayers. God knows how much I love you. See you at work.

  2. If he wanted to he would. full stop. Don’t tie yourself up in knots about it. Get pride, maintain pride and ignore. Don’t let men play mental gymnastics with you. Believe me – if he wanted to, he would – remember that.

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