It doesn’t really mean anything!!

A lot of people still have crushes on someone else while they’re still married, or still in a relationship. What matters is that you don’t act upon it. You’re allowed to think about your crush, but make sure that is ALL you do. Don’t take it further, otherwise you will risk losing the best thing that has happened to you in a long time. It’s not worth it in the long-run. Even it IS sometimes worth it, how would I even know? A crush is just a harmless fantasy. Luckily I can keep it inside of my mind and not let it go any further than a mere fleeting thought. It’s just some unwanted fantasy. I used to have crushes on some of my male friends who I went to the same college as, but I knew how to control my urges. I still do. Just glad that I don’t listen much or take too much notice of said harmless fantasies about my crush. It’s JUST a crush
I’d be a fool to lose what I already have with P. Why would I even want to risk losing that? It takes long enough to even want to be in a new relationship with anyone. Remember, just because someone has a crush on someone, it doesn’t mean that they’re actually going to be ripping that person’s clothes off and jumping into bed with them. Some people watch too many TV shows and think that what they’re watching on TV, is going to happen to them. It isn’t. It’s fine. Please stop worrying.

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