The GoT

I don’t really know what to say. I feel weighed down by your judgment and expectations. But I don’t need you to be disappointed in me or motivate me. I just need you to be there for me. And you’ve rarely ever shown you’re willing to do that. Those times you’re irritated I haven’t told you how awesome you are or how sexy you are and how much I want you often and/or recently enough, maybe I was grappling with the most important time in my life. If you took any time at all, pretty much ever, to really get to know me, maybe you would understand that. But it’s not a matter of fault, it’s a matter of reality. And believe me, everything is VERY real for me right now. So, “given all the surrounding circumstances”, maybe you can cut me a little slack. Or not. What I have to do has to be done either way, and likewise I know I’ll be doing it alone like always.

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  1. This exhoes my sentiments and situation too. Look after yourself. It know it can be too much, but you are doing well. Just continue to be kind and patient. I am sticking around.

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