Just getting this off my chest

I’m typing this here because I’m not really in the best position to tell you this to your face, seeing as I’m already in a relationship with someone else. I think I am in love with you. When I say this, I don’t mean in a sexual physical way. It’s a feeling, but luckily that’s ALL it is. I think you’re just such a nice man. You have a heart of gold. So much so that I wish you were straight. But then, even if you were straight, you probably wouldn’t feel attracted to me. I’ve never felt that I want you in sexual way at all. It’s your personality that wins me over. Being with you is going to be impossible. I feel guilty having feelings for you, as you’re just a friend. Plus I’m already engaged to someone. *Sigh*. I will always have feelings for you. I’ll just have to live with it. I will just have to sweep this problem under the carpet, and sometimes cry myself to sleep about it. Gotta say though, you would have been an awesome dad to mine and your future children. I suddenly have butterflies whenever I’m around you. But errr, I shouldn’t be even feeling like this about you. I feel guilty about it. Feelings are feelings. I’ll just try to ignore them. It would make no difference if I told you, which is why I’m never going to tell you. While I carry on with my relationship with Paul, while gritting my teeth seeing you with someone else. Maybe in another life you will be mine someday. The tangled Web I’m in. I have no business ever telling you this. It wouldn’t get me anywhere anyway. I can never feel bad for saving your life that day. You are a VERY nice man

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