Communicate more or leave me alone

Just seems like you’re using me as a rebound. I do know the signs. You only phone me once a month. That’s hardly a proper relationship. I can tell that you’re not that into me. So you should go back to her. It’s not as if I ever planned having children with you. The only pact me and you ever made was to marry each other, but why bother, when you are only half-arsed about it. You’re probably more bothered about your reputation and your druggie mates. I won’t be used as something you can turn to just whenever you’re feeling lonely. Boo hoo. Truth be told, I do sometimes wonder whether you’re that bothered about our relationship. Despite previous phone conversations or past text messages with you. Even my own family are starting to think twice about you. They always ask me if you’ve been in touch recently. Their faces just stop smiling when I tell them that I haven’t spoken to you in months. Are you sure that you know what love really is. Thanks………….a………………bunch
. You have no idea how you’re lack of communication makes me feel.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜”

One thought on “Communicate more or leave me alone”

  1. I hate to break it to you – but he doesn’t care how his lack of communication makes you feel. Stop caring. The one who cares the least, has the most power. Honestly, he’s just some guy. They will do anyone – don’t be anyone. Mirror their actions. If they don’t call – you don’t call. They honestly aren’t that deep, they don’t think or care how their actions make people feel. Find someone who does. Rare but worth it. Lose this idiot, pronto. YOU are the prize.

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