Jan 11, 2021

I show up at my friends to pick up some herb and she’s tripping, joyfully she expresses wanting to share and suprises me with a gift of mushrooms she calls golden teacher along with a pretty yellow fan with what appear to be a couple of Japanese yokai having a good hyuk.

I tuck the mushrooms away for later, for after an evening enjoyed in the warmth of a loving family and some of the latest on Big Mouth. I really enjoyed that Gratitoad fella and it made for a great foundation for my psych experience after the hubs goes to bed.
I take a moment to settle on something to watch when epiphany I’m reminded the new season of American gods started up. Good choice, what an feast for my eyes . That discourse too! It really brought some of my own hidden spaces into focus for me. I appreciated that sense of feeling held by a community.

Get shot down in my game a few times , sorry mojo martha I got your team invite somewhere in the in-between and I couldn’t accept it in time but I’ll still solute you in the waiting room and may we not be gunning down each other in the next match.

I made up some funny rhythms while locking up the house for the night, some military jingle about keeping the squad intact.

But of course I can’t remember them right when I’m writing the records.

When I lay down in bed, in the darkness next to my husband, my minds eye lights up with dramatic images, a chandelier of people but not like to Kutna Hora in Prague, they’re draped in red silks and I think how lovely it might look on canvas. Then I see deaths face and she greets me dressed in a colorful mosiac. I left an offering at an alter of hers earlier and I’m impressed by the gentleness of my experienced interpretation in terms of a well decorated rest but in the irony of it my body tells me it doesn’t want to sleep now ,so here I am writing this out instead for your crazy lot. Lots of Love

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