Ok I can’t overcome all 3 objections

Ok no I can’t beat all the objections, at least, I believe if two people want to, they can work it out, but that demands we want to.
I can move on 1, and that is a huge part of who you are, and not at all a part of who I am, but, i can genuinely do it, by will power, by just doing all that is required, why do you think I asked you what the hardest part was for you?

But the others? Well I can’t be chronologically younger, but I can be even fitter and stronger and full of energy.
As for the other, that demands compromise, but it wouldn’t be like you need to accept a new role, but for now it doesn’t matter.
I am going to see it this way, you feel nothing for me.

But then if i care for you, do I want you because I want you , or because I believe I can be right for you?
I thought long and hard, and it is both.
I truly know that I above anyone else, would be best for you. Why?
I have the strength as I am to respect and follow your beliefs, and to adopt it all, I would then obviously be even better at helping you to follow through on it.
I know without doubt that in how I feel for you I want your happiness, so I would be the ears for you troubles, the voice to you when you need to hear someone advise or just talk an be with you.
I would always place you where you feel loved, desired and desirable, protected, my everything would go into the relationship.
And what do I get? Easy, all that you are. That is all I need, you are all anyone could ever want.
But given I am at the point of you feel nothing for me, I intend to not just yearn, I intend to work my ass into the ground to win your love.
I could fail, but if I do, what did I lose?
I am going to listen with my ears and my heart, I am going to be strong, physically and mentally, I will let you in to my soul, hear my dreams, my pain, my stupidity, so you can no I will hide nothing from you and I trust you implicitly.
I will tell you, how amazing you are, though somewhat more subtly due to necessity until you feel something for me too.
I will use every psychological trick I can.
Is that wrong, to actively work to change what is in your heart?
I would say it was, if i did not truly know I would be right, be everything you could ever need. But you are the sunshine that lights up my soul, and when someone can be such a joy just by their presence, they deserve that given back, so because I want to make you happier than you have ever imagined, I will try.
It may fail, but at least then two things. First, I will know I did everything I could, I worked at it, i bettered myself, and made you feel cared for, special, beautiful.
And so long as I do it the right way, nice, not overbearing, without pressure, then worst case is, I am still your friend.
I hope in the future I can return here and scream with happiness because i have just woken up beside you and look forward to a life with you.
Don’t know if you got how I feel by what i said today, that thing I said I would not give you if you needed it, because you would not want it given, but if you did think about how I feel, even you don’t quite know how much I care about you, you would realise, the terrible choice that would be, and yet simply because it matters to you, it would matter to me.

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