I miss you.

When I met you I felt happiness, that happiness went on for three months.
We were so so happy.
We would talk about how we wished we were together and not miles apart.
We would have I love you more arguments… you won each one.. but in reality, it was rigged.
When I thought of you back then, I would think damn I love him. Now when I think of you even after you hurt my heart.. I still think damn I love him.
We were happy. Now the only one who is happy is you… without me.
Sitting under my covers crying with no motivation every day for 8 whole months sucks.
You said you broke up with me cause you changed.. the day before you said you couldn’t wait to marry me.. s0 ur telling me you changed that fast.. or was it all just a lie.

You come back every once in a while and act like how we used to be and get my hopes up.. then you say “V.. no I don’t have any feelings for you.”… but you said you missed me.. then you leave me on delivered for weeks and all that’s going through my head is… does he miss me or will I always be another girl?

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