I will always remember this day. Still in shock. I knew that we couldn’t do this forever but… Sometimes I think this life is punishment for a life I had before and didn’t appreciate enough. I met beautiful souls. I fell in love with a few. Two of them were like soulmates. But none of them stayed. I’m done with soulmates, I’m done with romance.

One thought on “9/9/23”

  1. All of my besties at some pint said that. My girl that’s getting married on Halloween swore to never tie the knot again.

    I think love learns too, and we learn from the love we see and experience around us. Sometimes you see someone close to you achieve a particular vision that inspires confidence and a desire to achieve.

    I hope you are met with the kind of company that provides that kind of support for better health and better wealth in your relationships and beyond.

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