my thoughts and feelings after “because i liked a boy”

I had already wrote like 2 or 3 letters in this website, but I just keep doing it, if feels right, even though there is no answer to my letters I feel like someone will understand me, so I’ll keep writing this as long as it makes me feel good.
Today I want to write because I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. There is people that love me, and I love them, that isn’t the problem, the thing is that I just don’t fit in with everyone else. I don’t know why this happens, I try to act like everyone else, always trying to remember being myself, but no one seems to like that.
I’ve realise that people ussualy blame me for things, when there is a problem that involves more than one person, I am always the one that will surely end up in trouble. That has lead me to losing friends. I don’t think this only happens becouse of me, it surely is related with me being a women. That sound dramatic, I know it does, but it is true. If I kiss a guy that has already been with someone I know I’m a slut because I can’t control myself. If more than one guy likes me and I don’t know what to do with that they will presure me, they will say that I’m a bitch for doing this to them, that I am playing with their feelings. If I talk to “too many” guys I’m a whore, I should be faithful to only one and stop doing that.
With all of this I want to make a point, If a guy my age (15) kisses his friend’s ex they will say that she must had approached him, it was probably her fault. If lots of girls like the same guy or if he talks to a lot of girls at the same time he is a winner, his friends will celebrate him, and the other persons probably will think the same.
I just think that the world is such an easier place to be in if you are a man, I just want to experience that, I want people to like me, I don’t want to be call a whore anymore.
Please, if you are one of this persons that just make the world as awful as it is make a change.

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