Next door

The place where the guy offed himself, the lady that moved in swears its haunted. Though as she’s expressed to me could be explained off as psychotic depression from ongoing stressor in her own day to day, ranging in severity from auto accidents to general insomnia, a job that deals in frequent mortality. Teacups show up in places she never placed them. Noises cause her disquiet.
She’s had me sit at her place for a good half day to help her meet with an inspection guy for her landlord. For the most part it was quiet, her cat napped on me. There was some thumping upstairs, but I didn’t investigate, I posited it off as potentually sounds of my own cats from the other side somewhere.

I’ve seen the guy that lived in that space before both of those families for more than a decade a good a handful of times since we attended his daughter’s funeral , but the impressions haven’t been great.
Last time he met my husband at a metal show with his friend, my husband offered them a ride home and the friend puked all over the back seat from drinking too much.
The time before that he was doing some holiday stop by, drove to our place drunk and was way too affectionate to my comfort. Making requests for me to come give him kisses and being grabby. My husband noticed too and was also put off by the interaction but we discourse on an appropriate response, which was to maybe keep him away from our place but be of amicable disposition. We’ve tried to talk to him about his habits before but it seems to only make him want to double down on them, to the extreme risk of his health and legal life and the greater potential for his actions to ripple out with fatal consequences. I think he mentioned being in therapy but as of now I’m keeping a bit of a distance for personal concerns.

My other neighbor is also convinced the place is haunted but she won’t say what explicitly convinced her. She’s been in that weird in between space of planning for a new baby and having to say goodbye to a beloved dog, Aesop has been such a well loved community buddy and its sad for us all.

I’ll be heading off in a few days to spend spring break with my mom in our hometown. The kid is looking forward to it and I get to pay my family dues by chauffering grandma around for a week. Maybe get my next round of projects set up and enjoy being somewhere a little quieter just for a bit.

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