My heart’s a stereo

Did you know I read tarot cards? Before you call bullshit, consider that they may be powerful tools for introspection… I’d love to read for you sometime. πŸ™‚

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    1. The overall message of the reading is the Hermit. Ultimately, you must search inside for the answers you seek.

      Next we have the two of swords. This means you have a decision to make and not all of the information needed will be available.

      With the World and three of swords coming forward, we see an end to a cycle of heartbreak.

      The Page of cups reminds us to stay open minded and pay attention to your dreams. This is a playful, almost childlike energy.

      The four of cups shows us your boredom at the same old love offerings, but with a new love offer just out of sight. Take the time to look around, something new and exciting could be just around the corner.

      Finally we have the two of pentacles. This card shows a man juggling two pentacles. Get your priorities straight and make sure you pay attention to your finances.

      1. The hermit was expected.

        Cycles of heartbreak huh, the world the way it is I don’t foresee that really dissipating any time soon but that’s why taking care of playful and creative energies is so vital.

        I wouldn’t use boredom as a term to describe my love state, unconventional yes but not bored. I certainly prefer the me that exists within the vurrent family structure and comforts of marriage through the challenging work of it than to the tragedy of what was made of me before. However love offers of friendship love, those are always welcome. I find that different friends help satisfy a variety of needs that one alone could not.

        Financially I’m all right. We’ve had a few big breakdowns for the essential machines but we delegate well enough to keep that forward momentum going without stagnation.

        I’d read for you too, but I haven’t had a deck of cards in years. Last reading I did was on a zombie deck I got for my brother, but wanted to test out before giving it to him. It was a broad reading asking about the state of the world. One card The world was on fire and it was right before the Australia, California and Colorado had massive fires that covered us in smoke for months. The other cards were various placemarkers for political discontents and the calvary of the helpers who work through the chaos.

  1. It’s me again and I wanted to play along too, so I ordered a deck just for you. It’s a little bit different in that each card represents a different folktale from around the world, I was surprised to see many stories I wasn’t yet familiar with. With this layout there are three cards in the middle representing past,present and future, below a card for unseen influence, and a card above for hidden potential.

    Past shows us the six of coin reversed with the image of the Alaskan Inuit fable The Woman Who Was Kind to Insects , a story with the message of pay it forward karma. Reversed this card represents some sort of abuse of power, extortion, greed or gullibility.

    The present is shown as The Ace of Swords, depicting lore from Turkey about the Gordian Knot. It is a card of inspiration, solutions and new ways of thinking to slice through the knot and conquer new lands.

    For the future, I drew on the eight of coins represented by the Germania myth of the Six Swans. Projects demand completion, concentration and determination will reveal your craftsmanship/commitment.

    Below as our unseen influence I drew on the Moon , the lore it is paired with is the Japanese tale of Princess Kaguya. The moon is a card of illusion and upright can mean trickery and meloncholy.two Tanuki racoon split their gaze between the moon reflected in the water and the moon in the sky.

    Finally we have the hidden potential card resting above. The Queen of Swords , shown as The Chinese Arabic folk tale of Turandot. The queen of Swords is fierce, fair and principled. Upright she stands for protection, meaningful criticism, tough love, skepticism and intelligence. A card of charm and wit.

    Thank you for your time, until next time.

    1. Thanks for the reading. It really resonated. I show up often as the queen of swords. ☺️

      Sounds like an interesting deck to work with. My favorite deck to work with these days is the LOTR tarot. It is hard to memorize, though, because the major arcana and court cards are not the same. The artwork is suitable for the theme and I get good readings from it.

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