You’ve got issues, but I’m canceling the subscription:

Listen, we’ve been friends for ten years. We dated for nine months of that, nine years ago. You broke up with me, and I was cool with it.

I don’t know what changed in your brain but you need to go to therapy. You’re over possessive, waspish, and kind of a bitch.

No one “abandoned” you. I moved away, as people are wont to do in small towns with big dreams. Your boyfriend, went to Boot Camp. He came home and I kept in contact, so I don’t know where you justify abandonment.

I am so tired of your woe is me act. You sit on your ass and watch twitch all day, and then suffer when you got put into a time crunch at work, because you didn’t do your goddamn job. Rinse and repeat. You treat your boyfriend like shit, while he works, cooks, and cleans for you.

Oh yeah, why do you keep calling him your fiancé when he broke off the engagement you pressured him into?

He’s my best mate, I know when you treat him like shit because he tells me.

You’ve taken advantage of me our entire friendship. Too used to me rolling over and doing whatever you want me to do like a dog.

When was the last time you built someone up instead of tearing them down? Did you think that that makes friendship?

David was my friend first, I don’t need your permission to fly him out. I don’t care that you “miss” my parents. Did you even fucking miss me or were you blowing smoke up my ass, because for one weekend I borrowed him.

And yet you cried all weekend, I’m sure. Again please for the love of the gods, go to therapy.

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