Earlier this week

Our buddy Sean stopped by for a few drinks. The husband stocked up on 2 of his favorite bottles of mead for the occasion, Vikings Blood and GI Dansk with a six pack of Abita. The boys reminisced on concerts they’d been to over the years while I got the child ready for bed.
It was Sean’s daughter birthday and we made a toast to her. He spoke at length on how in the aftermath of her passing, the aunt Jordan worked with had to close her salon and downsize to her basement without the extra hands to help make rent. Sean himself was in the process of helping her move and expressed the great difficulties they both had facing the shrine that had formed at the salon after she passed and how he’d had to have some friends dismantle that portion while he worked on the aunts basement to provide lighting for clientele.

We made plans to take him to the Brutal Poodle the following week as he had yet to experience their delicious food.

The husband also gave me the green light to order tickets for myself and my girl Jen for the upcoming Mastodon, Zeal & Ardor, and Opeth show at Mission Ballroom. I was getting my girl back for the ticket to Epica she got for me a few years before. I’m excited , ladies night.

Overall I didn’t have much to drink at least by the standards of my known threshold, two cups of mead and two beers but something went wrong. Somewhere around 4 am after Sean was long gone, I started throwing up constantly until noon. It hurt so bad, I was a hairs breath away from asking my husband to take me to the hospital. He suspects perhaps I have an allergy to something in that particular mead, as it wasn’t the first time I’d faced adverse reactions with it. Recovery has taken days, my heart, my throat, everything ached.
I did see a lady Dr. In regards to another issue following this instance to which I got another dose of bad news that we’ll either get confirmed or not in two weeks with an ultrasound. I potentially have some polycystic something going on with my insides that she’ll use the ultrasound to see and also locate a iud device she was unable to remove. ( my fears and anxieties regarding the devices realized as true risk) My night was spent in agony and crying. I couldn’t walk my kid to school the following day, so she’s staying home and helping me around the house while I catch up on the housework I fell behind on my useless days. I think I’m on the mend but it’s hard to say, does existing hurt this much for everyone? At least I’ve got some sweet tunes to look forward to and my baby has been such a sweetheart helping out.

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