Which would you prefer?

Hey you, I was told I was special my whole life, but I’ve never felt more ordinary than I have the last couple years.

Hey you, I haven’t been touched in so long or even close I don’t even consider myself a sexual being anymore.

Hey you, I’m so scarred by rejection I don’t want to even bother putting myself anywhere outside of my family where I feel safe.

Hey you, the loneliness took a cost, a part of me I don’t think I’m ever getting back.

Or we could go more traditional.

Hey you, I’m crushing it. Things literally could not be better. I’m scoping boats and real estate. Turns out I am perfectly functional and then some without your help at all.

Hey you, you’re pretty sexy, but I have so many options. Maybe we should just fuck and I’ll change my mind and actually want you more than once.

Hey you, you’re perfect, you’ve never done anything wrong and I just want to take this moment to thank you for all the positive things you’ve added to my life.

Hey you, I need your help. Turns out I have more money than I could ever possibly spend, can you help me?

Which would you prefer?

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